Inspiration for Clarity

Success is a result of many, small actions...You don't lack motivation, you need clarity!  Every planner & tool has been created to be a framework that supports growing your private practice by providing you the right prompts in an effective & engaging way so you achieve your private practice goals. 

You love helping your clients but honestly, it can be really depleting. You have big hopes for your practice but feel stuck, overwhelmed or just plan discouraged when you think of networking, marketing & goals (all crucial parts of a thriving private practice). You say "I'll do it later," feel like you're going in circles or even worse, you feel like an imposter.

You crave structure...thinking if you could prioritize the right things, your practice would grow in a way that feels true to you, your values & the reason you became a therapist in the first place. You have ideas on what "needs" to be done, you're just not sure where to start (or maybe even avoiding certain things too). Maybe the inner perfectionist keeps you from doing things out of fear it's not "right."

It's NOT a failure of setting need a process to make them happen. You deserve one that gives you the best prompts at regular intervals so you can keep growing your private practice (without all the overthinking and spinning in circles)!! Goals are results - to get them, you need a clear framework outlining the actions to take!

As a private practice owner, Certified Daring Way Facilitator based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown plus an MBA focused on strategic management, I love creating tools that take the overwhelm out of private practice life!

The only way to fill your schedule with your DREAM CLIENTS is to let them know you're out there! Create messages that resonate and connect with the people you love working with most!

Your DREAM CLIENTS are searching for you!! Help them find you AND get to know you with impactful content on social media!

Don't tip toe around! Set the your goals and create a roadmap to make it happen (withOUT reinventing the wheel)! Use The Primed Planner's proven framework and prompts to take action!!

Focus + Clarity = DIRECTION! Realize your private practice dreams by setting goals and creating actionable steps!!

This is the WORST combo...not to mention it is a recipe for BURNOUT!! Get focus and confident by creating a living breathing plan you can follow to GROW YOUR PRACTICE in alignment with YOU & YOUR VALUES! (Your future self and dream clients will thank you!)