GREAT TO MEET YOU 💫  Hi, I'm Michelle!  Therapist, private practice owner with an MBA, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, planner aficionado & lover of marketing!  ✨ My superpower is creating productivity tools that keep you organized by providing a framework to keep you focused so you accomplish your goals without reinventing the wheel as you grow your private practice!  

I was burned out living the "corporate America" life (maybe it's agency life for you). 
See, I spent the first 15+ years of my professional career using my MBA in Human Resources leadership. I worked with everyone from executives to frontline managers AND employees to create plans & identify actionable steps to achieve goals. I created ways to identify what was "working" and what "wasn't" then facilitated the necessary change to get growing again. But it wasn't working for ME. I was single (read: felt alone), overwhelmed and telling myself I could never make *THIS* kind of change "right now."

⏩ in 2010, after the loss of my dad, I was inspired to go back to school and do what I always dreamed of - counsel people in the context of their whole life not just their career life. BUT it took a LOT of mindset work to "take the leap" and I DID IT!  As I started my private practice (not even fully licensed yet), I discovered my affinity for growing a private practice & my mindset shifted to entrepreneurialism (I guess that MBA and biz experience came in handy)!! Colleagues kept asking me: "how are you filling your schedule with your dream clients so fast?" And "how are you making your private practice thriveWHILE still having a life!?" I knew then I HAD to share my unique perspective and skill-combo (that biz-building-stuff grad school left out) with YOU!

NOW, I ❤️ creating productivity tools for ambitious therapists like you...I get to share my private practice expertise, planning proficiency and marketing savvy with YOU for a winning framework to grow your private practice, keeping you focused & productive - taking you from stuck and overwhelmed to SKILLFUL, INTENTIONAL SUCCESS! 
Confidently turn your passion for helping people into ACTIONABLE PLANS that will grow your private practice & your profit$ too!!